Hi, I'm Ken. I like cats and frozen blueberries.

It's Still Happening

The snow continues to fall in these parts and I continue to act like it's the end of days. I took this picture yesterday morning and it continued to snow well into the afternoon. I talked myself into going outside around five o'clock because I've been wanting a new book. I actually think it's warm now, if you can believe that, that twenty-five degrees is what I'm now considering pleasant. The last couple of weeks the temperature has been the lowest I think I've ever experienced and I'm convinced that if SML hadn't been buying groceries I'd have starved to death.

I'm exaggerating, I probably wouldn't be dead. Thinner, probably. After we got off the subway yesterday at Kenmore I told SML how lovely I thought the weather was now that it had stopped snowing and that the cold temperature wasn't really bothering me. SML replied, "That's because everything is nice when you're in a better part of the city." And just then, a large truck rushed by and splashed a wall of mud and slush onto my left side and all over my exposed neck. I laughed, loudly actually, but inside I was totally scheming a move to Los Angeles where it will be eighty degrees today. Can you even @$!#$%#!$ believe that.

The Real Boy

I picked up this Pinocchio at a Christmas Market in Germany when SML and I were there last December. It has quickly become one of my favorite Pinnocchios and I've been moving him around from shelf to shelf to find the right spot. I have too much time on my hands, obviously.

The real reason I posted this picture is because I've been trying all night to focus on a subject and have the background blur when I take a photograph. There's probably a technical word for what I just described but as luck would have it, the photography class I want to take is full this semester. It will probably be awhile before I feel ashamed to say things like, "that red focus dot" and "that turny thing that makes things clear."

Exactly How I Feel

SML and I missed Boston's first snow storm this year because of travel, so when it started snowing last night the only thing I could think about was taking pictures of Charlotte in the snow. I also thought about impending doom throughout the storm, of course, and what would happen if the power went out and whether not I could convince myself to stay in a community shelter to stay warm. I even thought about what clothes I would wear to the shelter, which t-shirt has faded enough to garner the most sympathy from whomever might be divvying up food rations.

Since we arrived in Boston last summer, Charlotte has been staring longingly out of our windows, occasionally barking at squirrels and birds. I say barking because she is definitely not meowing when she makes strange repetitive chirping noises out the window, as if she's trying to communicate that she intends to break through the glass at any given moment.  

When we finally took her outside this morning I thought she'd at least step onto the ground, make a run for it, something besides meow frantically and climb on top of SML's back.  She would have nothing to do with the snow or the cold air, and kept looking back towards the door, perhaps measuring whether or not she could make it back inside if she jumped.  

Which is really how I feel when I see the snow, like I would do anything not to have to be in it. In the back of my mind I begin counting how many packages of Top Ramen I have in the cupboard and how I might have someone do my grocery shopping for free. But what would really be ideal is an over-the-counter drug that would knock me out until spring, something like Vick's NyQuil Hibernation, the so you can skip winter medicine.

On Being Hipster

I went out and bought these new shoes at the City Sports down the street a couple of weeks ago. These were one of the first pairs of shoes I picked up exclaiming to SML, "These shoes are so hipster!"  SML's face appeared bloated at that statement, like he might barf into the nearest garbage can and then began mentioning repeatedly that the shoes were lime green.  

Maybe it's the new year, but I feel a strong desire to be hipster. It could also be that I live in Allston and I keep seeing these fantastic people walking about with patterned hoodies, pink shoes, blinding white hair and my most favorite of all, skinny jeans. I would consider buying skinny jeans if I weren't getting so fat, an issue I'll likely confront in the coming months as I nearly began crying this evening when I told SML how many cookies I ate this afternoon.

SML tried to talk to me about the "fat" issue and I told him he wouldn't really understand, that there are a million things jammed up in my head right now and nothing is really coherent. "Just say whatever is on your mind", he said, like there was enough time in the evening to go over how every little ripple of fat on my body makes me feel. I took SML up on his offer and explained, "It's just, I feel so bad for Oprah."

The frown on SML's face after that statement was really something, if you could have seen it you would have thought that he'd just witnessed a blatant mathematical error. I began washing the dishes at that point, making disgusted ticking noises with my tongue to say, "You skinny people just don't get it." 

From the Other Side

SML and I ventured across the river this afternoon to see the museum at MIT.  I hardly ever want to go to Cambridge unless it's to go to a shopping mall, but that may soon change because the view of the city is incredible.  SML commented that looking at the city in this way makes him glad to be in Boston, but all of that changes once we enter Allston.  That statement couldn't be more true, because Allston is a serious downer. That's bad.  But there are a lot of hipster stores in Allston.  That's good.