Hi, I'm Ken. I like cats and frozen blueberries.

I Went, I Saw

I planned out my New Year's Eve well in advance, purchasing Boston's First Night buttons prior to the thirty-first and mapping out the stops I'd make throughout the day. SML and I did a fairly good job at navigating our way to the Courthouse Silver Line stop on our way to the Museum of Contemporary Art, but a few minutes in a blizzard was all it took to send us back onto the bus.

We ended up at a movie theater, waiting out the storm, ruining my plans. My real plan of the day was to see the ice sculptures at Boston Common and Copley Square, a desire I cannot explain because if you asked I couldn’t tell you a thing about the ice sculptures: Who created them, what the hell are they even are or mean.

After the movie I made SML trek through the snow with me to see the sculptures, first through the park, then to Copley Square. It was the highlight of the night, unless you count SML’s dirty glass at the Daily Grill. It was exhausting because I couldn’t focus on anything until I had seen the sculptures. I wouldn’t dare ask SML how much I talked about wanting to see them because it might remind him of that time I couldn’t stop talking about salt water taffy, and the long drive to the Cape that followed.

It’s strange to say, but I felt totally satisfied after seeing those sculptures, like I’d just removed a loose eyelash from someone’s face. There’s probably a support group for people like me, but it scares me to think about a room full of people picking hairs off of other people’s faces.

Surviving Christmas

SML and I are in Germany for the Holiday, visiting my parents.  I think that in general the holidays are stressful and I'm relieved that my parents neighbors are sympethetic, showing up at the doorstep with German beer tied in bows. 

My parents are a bit eccentric and have been collecting many antiques living in Europe.  Their home has all sorts of plates and other ceramics on the walls and shelves.  I think I counted three grandfather clocks in their living room and from where I'm sitting right now I see two cuckoo clocks.  My sisters and I joke a lot about this because we can't imagine how they'll get all of their stuff to Utah, and whether or not the ship unfortunate enough to stock their belongings will sink from the weight.

Nothing major has happened since we've arrived, no one has thrown a fist or drawn a knife.  I think the worst bit was when my mother explained to SML that "back in the day" women in the navy were thought of as "loose."  I cocked my head when I heard that statement, half expecting SML's eyeballs to have popped out and be rolling around the tile.

It is very kind that my parents are letting us stay with them this year, as I'm sure that my demands for coffee every morning are a lot like watching a heroine addict without a fix. It certainly feels that way, I miss my coffee grinder more than the kitty, even more than speaking english and having someone understand me. 

My mother will tell anyone who will listen how "naughty" this coffee drinking this is, menancingly waving her fingers.  Without the support of her Mormon ward, she seems overprotective to the Germans and they'll answer back, "It's normal!  They're twenty-five!"  I just couldn't agree with that any more than I already do.

Victory Dance

SML completed his first semester today, giving a very formal presentation to his class.  I consider most events with an open bar, "fancy", and so I was astonished that SML had instructed me to come as I was.  As I entered the auditorium I knew at once my attire would be a disaster, made worse that I was late and I would need to walk in front of the entire room to find a seat.  One of SML's teammates remarked, "I couldn't figure out who that was, who was coming in here dressed like that."

At the reception afterwards, more than one person came up to tell me how smart SML is.  I acted surprised and confused each time someone would bring up SML's intellect, like I haven't witnessed SML explain something with a graph or equation, or that for a hobby SML will browse a bookstore.  I needed to have a confused look on my face to convey that I didn't really know where I was and that was why I was wearing a hoodie with a large skull on it. 


Ice, Ice, Baby

SML and I walked into the city this afternoon because I wanted to see some Christmas lights and get one of those new hipster hats at H&M. We walked the entire way, all the way from Allston, because it's the first time in awhile that the temperature has been above thirty degrees.

I'm reluctant to go outside when the temperature does fall below thirty degrees, even if it's just to go across the street to pick up a pizza. In the unfortunate event that we do run out of pizza or frozen burritos, I'll complain to SML the entire time I'm outside saying things like, "Did you know that we live in a place that has ice storms?  ICE STORMS."

The tree is coming down tomorrow

I don't want to bore everyone with pictures of my cat, although with SML being increasingly absent I don't seem to have many subjects.  Charlotte has increased her tree climbing activity in the recent days, also increasing the size of the gaping hole she's made from breaking the branches.  Over the weekend, SML pulled our couch out from the wall and found nearly a dozen ornaments tucked underneath.

The biggest problem with all of this is that SML and I have no idea how to discipline this cat.  She will do the most outrageous things, like pull up the drain filter from our shower and bring it to the foot of our bed.  And after we see her with a drain filter sticking out of her mouth we say things like, "Oh, isn't that just adorable!"   But it isn't!  It's disgusting!