Hi, I'm Ken. I like cats and frozen blueberries.

The Kitty Problem

I got out our Christmas tree Thanksgiving night, lugging the large box out of the closet and sitting it down in the living room.  Bang always gets excited whenever there's a new box and started running around the room, up and down the furniture, and then finally rested inside the box that housed the tree. 

Once I had the tree set up I sat down on the couch to catch my breath, as walking at a regular pace these days can raise my heart rate, and noticed in the corner of my eye a large furry thing in the middle of the tree. I shouted at SML to get bang out of the tree, but he was too late and she broke the branches on her fall to the ground, leaving several gaping holes and an artificial tree that appears to be dehydrated.

Although she has stopped climbing the tree, mostly because there are few branches left to climb, she's been hitting the ornaments around with her paw until the wire hangers break, allowing her to kick and chase the balls around the living room until I threaten her with the Humane Society.

Window Gaze

SML and I aren't very good at getting presents for each other, mostly because I'm terrible at keeping secrets. Last week over dinner SML asked me what I thought about the Kindle and answered, "Humph, hosh, heeze, you knew that's what I was getting you for Christmas!"  The humph, hosh, and heeze bit mostly sounded like deep asthmatic breathing.

When it came time for SML to decide what he should get for me, and since I was already getting him the Kindle, he suggested a new camera; that new expensive and incredible camera I've been wanting.  I began the conversation saying, "Oh no, that's too expensive" and "I just want a red tea kettle", but then it quickly turned into, "We should probably get it now, this weekend, before we go to Europe.  And I should probably open it immediately after we get home to make sure it works." 

This camera came with a condition, however, and it's that I take a photography class.  I'm not sure whether or not to be offended by that. 


222 Spedina

Last week took me to Toronto and their first snow storm of the season.  My time in Toronto was limited because I was there on business and I was disappointed I wasn't able to see more. I took this picture just outside of the hotel the morning I left, a hotel in China Town I chose because I thought that it would be funniest place for someone like me to stay.  Unfortunately with the weather the way it was I stayed in the hotel all night, briefly making it down the street to a chinese mall for green tea.

Who doesn't love an update

It's been awhile since I've updated, so I'd thought I'd give a shout out to the two people that read this blog. I'm in Utah for work, alone, because I couldn't convince SML to quit school and stay with me in Utah for a week. I feel strange in Utah because it's not my home anymore and Massachusetts doesn't really feel like home either. I'm in limbo, it seems.

On Monday a gentleman was viewing the Mormon Temple and asked me some questions about the Church property and the religion.  I'm completely biased on this subject so I tried to make everything sound as normal as possible.  When he asked, "What's that large gothic looking building?", I answered, "That's the temple!  They perform religious ceremonies there, like weddings."

And then without warning I also spurt out, "AND they baptize the dead in there!" I stopped there, again because I'm biased.  I controlled my sudden Turrets Syndrome for the remainder of the conversation, which I think that everyone who knows me would agree this is uncommon.  To make things more comfortable I transitioned our conversation to the health care crisis.

Election Night

SML and I sat on our couch last night with sushi take-out to watch the election results.  I wanted to go downtown and romp with the other crazy people in the reflection pool, but SML insisted that he had homework.

As the results started coming in I commented to SML that I didn't really understand how the media was able to project the winner so quickly, without really counting all of the votes.  SML turned the page of his notebook and started scribbling this equation while explaining the projection method in what sounded like Japanese.  When he was finished he looked at me and said, "Isn't that interesting?"  I nodded in agreement and returned to the kitchen to pour myself a second glass of wine.