Hi, I'm Ken. I like cats and frozen blueberries.

Fascinated by Beyonce

This morning I turned on Beyonce's music video as I was tidying up the bedroom and noticed Bang Bang staring intently at the computer screen.  I turn my head the same way when I watch this music video because those dancing legs look absolutely banging. 


I haven't written on how lovely I think it is that my sisters Andrea and Katie have begun blogging. Now that I live so far away it's great to see how everyone is doing, without the guilt of not accepting application invites on something like Facebook.

Katie recently tagged me and according to the rules I have to answer seven random facts about myself. I haven't participated in something like this for a couple of years and had a hard time thinking of seven. SML didn't, however, and quickly rattled off nearly all of the following:

1.  I collect Pinocchio's. On purpose. And I have a lot of them, but most of them are under my bed because I don't have anywhere to put them. SML believes that he'll come home one day and find a giant glass display with Pinocchio heads starting back at him, but one must remember that my display cases are usually made of shoe racks and spray paint.

2.  Frequently, I come up with business ideas that range from legal billing to underwear sales and I call them all Retro-Fly. I even receive mail addressed to "Retro-Fly", which in my head is a superstore that auctions art, retails underwear, drop-ships merchandise and handles all your time billing needs. 

3.  At parties where I know few people I will, without fail, bring up the health care crisis and become so left-winged that I've been mistaken for an actual donkey. It's even happened here in Boston, on a rooftop with an extraordinary view of the city and Fenway park, I looked into the eyes of an Indian doctor and Yee-hawed.

4.  Over a year ago I was the worst member of a swimming team, and have since not yet stepped back into a pool. I still hang my goggles over the doorknob to remind myself to get back out there. With the cold weather here in Boston I just don't know that there's even a chance I will knowingly enter cold water.

5.  In the last seven months I have purchased five new computers. In fact right now, there are five practically-new computers here and I can't figure out what to do with them. I really cannot help myself because I'm addicted to Apple Computers.  That may or may not be an actual condition. So, is anyone looking for a new laptop?  

 6.  I'm a fervent believer in the power of a strongly written letter. Since moving to Boston I have had to send many strongly worded letters and they have all had incredible results. In fact I'm thinking of packaging up sample strongly worded letters and selling them for a nominal fee. I'll call it...Retro-Fly.

7.   When SML and I got our kitten we named her Charlotte after Sex and the City.  The problem is I've trained her to answer to Ms. Bang Bang instead. Our neighbors must hear us through the thin walls and think we're talking dirty when talk about the possibility of Ms. Bang Bang starring in her own movie titled, "Euro Bang."

That's it! I'll tag SML and Mub.  Only two. Sorry, I'm unpopular. I talk about health care.


On The Hill

I took my first visit to Bunker Hill in Charlestown on Saturday afternoon.  I had originally planned on seeing some kind of "Ghost Dance" near Faneuil Hall, something that involved homemade ghost costumes and the Thriller soundtrack.  I think I got to the time wrong because when we arrived at the park there was nothing to see.  I had no choice but to stuff my face with cannoli and walk to Bunker Hill to burn off the calories.

Kitty in a Box

I spent much of the morning cleaning out our closet, getting rid of empty boxes and my emergency coffee maker. When I came into the bedroom I noticed Charlotte had nestled into one of the boxes I was discarding.  Now I'm in a predicament as to whether I should throw out the box, or her kitty bed that she never uses.

Pumpkin Patch

I snapped this shot today at a Pumpkin Festival that was held at the Government Center in Boston.  I was feeling unmotivated today so I'm glad I was able to peel myself off the couch long enough to head downtown.  There were so many pumpkins at the festival that the entire square smelled of fresh pumpkin.  That smell eventually led to my purchase of a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, 400 calories of pumpkin goodness.