All about Boston

From the BU Bridge

I took this photo from the Boston University Bridge.  I had been meaning to walk to this bridge so I could take pictures but I always put it off because it seemed out of the way, or too cold, or because I might lose my breath from the long walk.  Finally, after seven months of living here, I made it.  I think this might be a personal record as far as procrastination goes.

Off Memorial Drive

SML and I walked along the other side of the river yesterday afternoon, allowing me to take several shots of the city.  I bent down low to get this shot of the ice, a little too low because my entire ass came flopping out of my jeans.  I know I'm not immune to showing a little plumber's crack, but SML said that at least half of the moon was showing, meaning that the runners passing by got a little more than just the view of the city.


This picture of the Boston Skyline was taken just as we were leaving for Provincetown on Sunday afternoon.  I was looking forward to being able to take a picture of the skyline , but I'm still not clear where to go to get the best shot.  There are so many faces to this city that you cannot pick one view and not feel like you're leaving something out.

Unless you live in Allston, it's just best not to take photos at all.  The other day I walked by an abandoned mattress on the sidewalk that said, "DO NOT REMOVE:  BEDBUGS"  Well, maybe I should have taken a picture of that.

Why did I just think of that game 'Cooties'?

You may have noticed that these new pictures I'm posting are clickable.  They'll take you to my Flickr account I set up since I've become afraid of being robbed on a daily basis.  I lost many photos when my iMac didn't make it across the country and since I cannot bear losing anymore, online storage seems the best way to go.  So if you're a Flickr user, let's be friends!