All about New York

5th Avenue

I had so much fun on my last trip to New York City that I've made plans to go again next weekend. I've often told people how stupid I thought New York was, how awful I thought it would be to live there, how I would much rather live in a warm place like Scottsdale Arizona. SML remarked on this as I was purchasing bus tickets this morning and I couldn't quite admit to myself how much I wanted to go back. What is happening to me.


The last couple of days have been incredibly warm and delightful in Boston. I learned yesterday that it was snowing in Utah and started feeling like I was one of God's chosen people. That will soon change, I'm sure, as I remember Boston's January to be much like my worst nightmare.  

SML and I walked along the Charles River for the first time on Sunday afternoon, where I took this picture.  I'm continually impressed by this city's green areas. SML and I talked about moving closer to the city to be near some of these fantastic places and stopped near Newbury Steet to look at some realty listings. After noticing the two thousand dollar one bedroom listings, a couple behind us asked if there was anything for three hundred dollars a month. SML replied, "We already took that one, but you're welcome to sublet it."