It’s been nearly four weeks since I moved to New York City. This week marked the beginning of SML’s new job and also the beginning of very, very long days spent watching Sex and the City with my cat. Those people who enjoy working? I do not understand them.

This picture was taken the first week that we moved into Manhattan, just near the halfway point on the Brooklyn Bridge. It was taken on a humid day, one of many humid days that would eventually drive me to the brink of insanity, then to a Home Depot for an air-conditioner, and then a same-day delivery order NO MATTER THE COST.

SML insists that I’m the hardest person to move with because I get mean and mouthy about stupid things. But I just want to point out, for the record if there is one, that when our couch could not fit through the tiny door that is the entrance to my teeny apartment, I kept myself calm and collected. And when it cost more than the couch itself to be taken away to god knows where? Charge it to the credit card!

And just outside of my apartment where the ceiling is collapsing? Right now as I’m typing this? SEE HOW CALM I AM?

In all seriousness, the humidity is absolutely the worst part about living New York City. The best part, however, are all of those adults walking around the streets with ice cream cones. I’ve never seen that before, I feel like I’m living in an amusement park and those yellow cars that pick people up are really just bumper cars.

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