Times Square is an overwhelming place, if not for the mass of people, but for the mentally deranged who find it amusing to scream in your face. I think at some level I identify with that, the screaming at strangers just to see their reaction. Although there is some disagreement between SML and I, between the words “Identify” and “Connected.” So it is up to you whether or not I feel connected to the people who scream, or just identify with their desire to let it rip. Maybe it’s both.

I dragged SML into the square yesterday because I wanted to see this enormous statue of the famous World War II photo. They staged a “kiss-in” sometime later, but we left early since SML and I both felt apprehensive about the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz wandering the square, who just this last week is accused of stabbing someone with a screw driver.

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