Philadelphia is a mere two-hour bus ride from New York City, so I booked tickets for this last weekend and spent a morning creating an itinerary. That itinerary included stops to the Betsy Ross Home, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Constitution was a lot like a school field trip except that I ended the night in a pub filled with bobble heads.

I should really say that my night started with bobble heads, because later that night I took SML to a restaurant I had read good things about and only had two dollar signs, indicating the price aligned with a poor-man’s budget. Because it was Valentine’s Day Weekend the menu was prixe fixe and included things like Oysters, undercooked meat and the most delicious Gnocchi I have ever tasted for fifty-five dollars.

SML spent the evening dining on bread and turning purple while I tried my first ever oyster. I happen to like seafood so the meal wasn’t exactly wasted, but I did feel the need to run out and buy a wardrobe of stretchy pants to accommodate the extra food.

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