SML and I woke up early on Valentine's Day and drove down to New York for the day. The very idea that I can drive to New York City for a day trip is why I'm starting to love living here. The drive down wasn't bad, but coming home was killer. We had spent the entire day wearing ourselves out by walking around, so to keep ourselves awake on the drive home SML started repeating funny phrases and I kept a full cup of coffee.

In the city SML kept suggesting I was going to end up on "Overheard in New York" because I kept saying things like, "Why are there so many people here?"  I still think that's a valid question however, because I hate crowds. SML wants to live in New York, an idea I'm not keen on and even said, "You can be as hipster as you want living in New York, 'your kind' is accepted here."  He said that after we saw a man walking down the street with an actual cat sitting on his head. I really don't think I'd do something like that though, I mean, that cat had to be heavy.

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