SML's parents came in to town this last week, so we packed our bags and drove an incredible six hours to New York. On trips in the past it has only taken somewhere between three and four hours, but I kept making us stop to dine at special places like Dunkin' Donuts and McDonalds.

I have always very much liked New York City, but everything seemed a bit too fast-paced and rude this time. We had an uncomfortable moment on the subway when a woman began yelling and cussing at another woman for pushing her children, an incident SML thinks he may have had something to do with when the subway car's doors closed in on him and trapped him in-between.

The hi-lite of this trip was seeing the musical 'Wicked'. I took this picture from the hotel room just after we returned from the show. It's all very romantic looking from this perspective, but I'm going to have to say I was very happy to return to the busy-but-not-too-busy streets of Boston.

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