I took this picture of the Rhode Island State Capitol on Saturday as SML and I were returning to the train station. We spent the afternoon in Providence, having lunch at a wonderful hipster establishment that served beer for less than eight dollars. It was something that both SML and I commented on, “Four dollar beers! DON’T BOTHER WITH THE WATER.”

Providence is unbelievably quiet and peaceful compared to Boston. Just last night someone was stabbed and killed just two blocks from my apartment. When I find a place nice, quiet, and far away from Allston I immediately insist that we move there and send a taxi for the cat.

SML was considering living in Providence, I think, and so I started sugar coating it suggesting that Providence was perfect because we’d only be an hour away from Boston, “An hour train ride! That’s all!” SML launched into a story about his school mate living in Connecticut two hours from New York City and two hours from Boston, who thinks that a short two-hour ride between cities is perfect. “It doesn’t sound perfect, it sounds like purgatory!”

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