I was feeling particularly goofy when I took this picture, having just finished a walk on the High Line Park and before that, a tour of some antique shows showcasing vintage porn and expensive lighting equipment. SML kept a large sphere of personal space around himself when we visited the antique shops, citing ‘BED BUGS!’ and then often directed my attention away from any new interesting antique shops as we walked west on twenty-third street. By the time we had reached the meat packing district I had become giggly at the absurdities of New York just in time for the passing of the Fairy Parade.

Any other day I think this would have been frightening, but it so happened that I had heard about this parade. When I come to think of it, I’m not exactly sure how I had heard about this, but it goes without saying that this is probably the crowd I belong to.

Although based on the size of the red fairy’s bicep I would have to consider being rejected altogether by this group for my much smaller bicep and lack of provocative style. In fact they wouldn’t even stand still for this picture, let alone invite me into their parade, and as soon as the traffic lights had changed and the rest of the fairies had joined them, they disappeared inside a trendy restaurant leaving me alone with, shall I say, a much more handsome subject.

SML is Booging Out

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